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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment of biodegradable waste management techniques for rural communitiesGandhi, Sudesh; Suman Rani
2014Assessment of musculoskeletal discomfort in carrying head load by rural women and combating through ergo solutionsGandhi, Sudesh; Aprajita Kumari
1997Development of a Standardized Rural KitchenGandhi, Sudesh; Chaudhary, Anju
1996Effect of desert cooler on indoor climate and women dwellers of urban homesGandhi, Sudesh; Praveen
1997Effect of noise on work performance of homemakersGandhi, Sudesh; Goyal, Anju
2005Ergonomic Assessment Of Computer Usage And Workplace DesignGandhi, Sudesh; Grover, Minakshi
2012Ergonomic Evaluation of Conventional and Improved Methods of Aonla PrickingGandhi, Sudesh; Rai, Arpana
2005Ergonomic Evaluation Of Drudgery Among Rural WomenGandhi, Sudesh; Shraddha
2001Handling And Management Of Hospital WasteGandhi, Sudesh; Upasana Singh
1997Impact of Consumer Literacy on Purchase Behaviour of HomemakersGandhi, Sudesh; Singh, Upasana
2002Management of Vegetable Market Waste Through VermicompostingGandhi, Sudesh; Sheetal
1998Planning of functional living unit for senior citizensGandhi, Sudesh; Tyagi, Poonam
2018Problems and ergo-solutions of elderly living IndependentlyGandhi, Sudesh; Hooda, Rupal
1995Quality assessment of drinking water stored in containers of different materialsGandhi, Sudesh; Tyagi, Poonam
1995Study on efficiency of various cleansing agents for cleaning kitchen utensilsGandhi, Sudesh; Madan, Seema
2001Viscosity and Density Behaviour of Tetraalkylammonium Iodides in Mixed SolventGandhi, Sudesh; Rashid, Sakina