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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-An active beta galactosidase preparation from streptococcus thermophilusRao, R M V; Dutta, S M
-B-glycosidase from buffalo rumenSharma, R K; Dutta, S M
-Effect of cold storage,heating and homozenization on xanthine oxidase activity in buffalo milkSanhotra, Manpal; Dutta, S M
-Effect of ph on buffalo milk xanthine oxidase activitySanhotra, Manpal; Dutta, S M
-Extraction of rennet from aeomasum of suckling buffalo calvesRao, S T; Dutta, S M
1903Factors affecting production of beta-galactosidase of streptococcus cremoris (h) grown In wheySridhar, N; Dutta, S M
2001Immobilization of B-galactosidase by entrapment in cobalt-alginate gel beadsDutta, S M; Rajendraprasad, A
1993Immobilization of buffalo milk sulfhydryl oxidaseDutta, S M; Sharma, R
-Lactose malabsorptionRao, M V R; Dutta, S M
1977Lactose MalabsorptionRao, M V R; Dutta, S M
-Nucleolytic activity of mixed protozoal population from buffalo rumenSinha, P R; Dutta, S M
-Production of a thermostatable b-galactosidase by alternaria palmi grown in wheyAgrawal, Sanjeev; Dutta, S M
1901Resistance of buffalo milk xanthine oxidase to gastric and intestinal digestion in vitroSanhotra, Manpal; Dutta, S M
1903Resistance of buffalo milk xanthine oxidase to gastric digestion in vivoSanhotra, Manpal; Dutta, S M
1994Studies on genetics and some biochemical characteristics of bacteriocins of selected leuconostoc spp.Dutta, S M; Mendiratta, R
1987Studies on lysis and curing for lactose utilization of some selected strains of lactic streptococciDutta, S M; Kumar, Rajesh