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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-05-31EFFECT OF PACKAGING MATERIALS ON SEED QUALITY OF SORGHUM CULTIVARS [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] DURING AMBIENT STORAGE CONDITIONDumbre, Prof.A.D; Patil, Dr.J.V; Shinde, Dr.V.D; Kaledhonkar, Dr.D.P; Jagtap, Kiran 'Bhagavat
2003-06-25"EFFECT OF PLANTING DATES ON SEED YIELD AND SEED QUALITY OF ASHWAGANDHA {Withania somnifera Dunal)"Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Manjare, Dr.M.R; shende, Dr.V.D; Kaledhonkar, Dr.D.P; DESAI, Miss. PRITAM BHALCHANDRA
2004-06-30EFFECT OF SEASONS, SOWING DATES, SPACINGS AND FERTILIZER LEVELS ON SEED YIELD AND SEED QUALITY OF GREEN GRAM (Vigna radiata) CV. VAIBHAVAher, Prof.R.P; Jamdagni, Dr.B.M; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Khan, Dr.B.H; Mate, Prof.S.N; Sapate, Adinath Dnyandeo
1993-09-14EFFECT OF SOME GROWTH SUBSTANCES ON BOLTING IN BULB ONION (Allium cepa, L.)CROPKokate, Dr.A.S; Warade, Dr.S.D; Khan, Prof.B.H; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Desale, Shridhar Baburao
2002-12-30EFFECT OF SOWING DATES AND TOPPING ON SEED YIELD AND SEED QUALITY OF JUTE VARIETIESSonone, Prof.A.H; Narkhede, Dr.B.N; Mehetre, Dr.S.S; Khan, Dr.B.H; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Shintre, Satish Bassappa
2002-12-31MOBILIZATION EFFICIENCY OF SEED RESERVES AND CORRELATION OF LABORATORY GERMINATION AND FIELD EMERGENCE IN SORGHUM {Sorghum bicolor (L.) MoenchMate, Prof.S.N; Aher, Prof.R.P; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Pol, Prof.K.M; Gophane, Miss. Swapna Anandrao
2007MORPHOLOGICAL AND BIOCHEMICAL DIFFERENTIATION OF Stylosanthes GENOTYPESManjare, Dr.M.R; Kale, Dr.A.A; Amolic, Dr.V.L; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Khade, Deepak Popatrao
2004-11-09SEED YIELD AND SEED QUALITY AS INFLUENCED BY NUTRIENT AND GROWTH REGULATORS IN MUNGBEAN [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek.]Manjare, Dr.M.R; Shende, Dr.V.D; Khan, Dr.B.H; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Patil, prashant Dilip
2005-06-24SEED YIELD AND SEED QUALITY IN Stylosanthes spp. AS AFFECTED BY VARIETIES, SPACINGS AND SEED TREATMENTSSonone, Prof.A.H; Manjare, Dr.M.R; Dumbre, Prof.A.D; Kareppa, Dr.S.M; Fernandes, Dr.A.P; Kumbhar, Vivek Shankar