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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20172D and 3D ultrasonographic study of hepatobiliary disorders in dogs and their etiological patternSumathi, D; Prathaban, S; Selvaraj, P; Dhanapalan, P; Murali Manohar, B; Kumanan, K; TANUVAS
2006-06Advances in Diagnostic Procedures - An OverviewDhanapalan, P; TANUVAS
1995Bronchoscopic Evaluation of Respiratory Tract in CalvesBalasubramanian, R; Dhanapalan, P; Vijayaragavan, C; Bardhan, Anup Kumar; TANUVAS
1992Changes in the Electroencephalogram in Hypoglycemia in CaninesDhanapalan, P; Prathaban, S; Samuel, J. Jayasekaran; Sandhya, S; TANUVAS
2004Clinical Evaluation Of Angiotensin II Inhibitor In The Treatment Of Congestive Heart Failure In DogsDhanapalan, P; Parthaban, S; Balachandran, C; Hariharan, P; Jeyaraja, K; TANUVAS
1992Clinical, Haematological and Serological Studies on Ehrlichia Canis Infection in DogsDhinakaran, Manorma; Rao, V.N. Appaji; Dhanapalan, P; Tresamol, P.V.; TANUVAS
2017Clinicopathologial changes in hepatobiliary disorders in dogsSumathi, D; Prathaban, S; Selvaraj, P; Dhanapalan, P; Murali Manohar, B; Kumanan, K; TANUVAS
2002Clinicopathological Evaluation of Canine Atopic DermatitisNambi, A.P.; Dhanapalan, P; Manohar, B. Murali; Ramanathan, Gayathri; TANUVAS
1995A Comparative Study on the Efficacy Diagnostic Tests in the Field Diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis and the Outcome of TreatmentPrathaban, S; Dhanapalan, P; Natanam, P; Vijayalakshmi, P; TANUVAS
2000Comparative Study On The Efficacy Of Diagnostic Tests In The Field Diagnosis Of Traumatic Reticuloperitonitis And Allied SyndromeDhanapalan, P; Ramprabhu, R; TANUVAS
1993Effects of Bovine Indigestion on Ruminal Contents and Milk ProductionSrinivasan, S; Dhanapalan, P; Natanam, R; Gurumoorthy, B; TANUVAS
1996Efficacy of Indigenous Plant Azadirachta Indica in Canine DermatitisDhanapalan, P; Nambi, A.P.; Hariharan, P; Pandian, M. Shunmuganatha; TANUVAS
1986Electrocardiography in Electrolyte ImbalanceDhanapalan, P
2009Endoscopic and Clinico Pathological Evaluation of Upper Respiratory Tract Affections in HorsesDhanapalan, P; Srinivasan, S.R.; William, B. Justin; Pothiappan, P; TANUVAS
2005Endoscopic diagnosis of tracheal rupture in a dogPonnu Swamy, KK; Prathaban, S; Dhanapalan, P; TANUVAS
2011Endoscopic diagnosis of upper respiratory tract affections in horsesPothiappan, P; Dhanapalan, P; Srinivasan, SR; Vijayakumar, G; Selvaraj, P; TANUVAS
2006-06Ethnoveterinary Practices in Rural Canine HealthcareSelvaraj, P; Arthanareeswarn, M; Ramprabhu, R; Srinivasan, S.R.; Dhanapalan, P
1995Evaluation of Blood and Rumen Profiles in Bovine MastitisSrinivasan, S.R.; Dhanapalan, P; David, W.P. Archibald Balraj; Maran, N. Ezhil; TANUVAS
1998Experimental Thyroidectomy and its Effect on Hormonal and Biochemical Changes in SheepNayeem, Mohammed; Viswanathan, S; Dhanapalan, P; Priya, W.S. Sujanna; TANUVAS
2012Modernization of Veterinary Healthcare ServicesDhanapalan, P; Selvaraj, P