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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08Brandd Awareness and Consumer Satisfaction level For Water Solubele Fertilizer (Sujala) of RCF in Jalgaon District of MaharashtraDhaduk, B. K; Patil, Umesh D.
1995-07Effect of Different Spacing and Nitrogen Levels of Growth and Flower Production of Spiderlity (Hymenocallis littoralis L.)Dhaduk, B. K; Koladiya, Bharat V.
2012-06Effect of Foliar Saray of Grwoth Regulators and cow urine on rose (Rosa hybrida) cv. Poison Grown under Maturally Ventilated PolyhouseDhaduk, B. K; Dewaji, Baghele Rahul
2009-04Effect of Potting Media on Grwoth and Flowering of Greenhouse Dutch Rose (Rosa hybrida) cv. NarangaDhaduk, B. K; Hazarika, Ankita
1998-09Effect of Spacing and Nitrogen Levels on Growth and Flower Production of Annual Chrysanthemum (Chryranthemum coronarium) cv. Local whiteDhaduk, B. K; Karavadia, Brijeshkumar Nathubhai
2011-07Marketing Effectiveness for Water Soluble Fertilizers (Sujala) of Rashtriya Chemiclas and Fertilizers Ltd In nashik District of MaharashtraDhaduk, B. K; Madhavrao, Uphade Sandeep
2011-07Performance and Constraints in Export of grape From Maharashtra StateDhaduk, B. K; Hiraman, Mahaisdhune Sachin
2012-07Study of Buying Behavior of Farmers for Kribhco Urea in Vadodara DistrictDhaduk, B. K; Patel, Vandita Laxmanarayan
2012-07A Study of Buying Behaviour and market Preference for Agriculture Inputs and Retail Outlets at Rajpipla, Bardoli and DaboiDhaduk, B. K; Soni, Pankaj
2012-07A Study on the Marketing of Bt Cotton in Yavatmal and Nagpur District of Maharashtra for Krishidhan Seeds Pvt LtdDhaduk, B. K; Idhole, Badrinarayan Shaligram