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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
199618O studies on recharge of phreatic aquifers and groundwater flow-paths of mixing in the Delhi areaDatta, P. S.; Bhattacharya, S. K.; Tyagi, S. K.
2009Delineation of Potential Groundwater Recharge and Productive Aquifer Zones in Delhi Area Based on 18O Signatures and GPSDatta, P. S.; Tyagi, S. K.
2008Effect of low dose of gamma irradiation on the chipping quality of potatoes stored at 8 and 12°CEzekiel, R.; Singh, Brajesh; Datta, P. S.
1991F actors c ontrolling stable isotope composition of rainfall in New Delhi, IndiaDatta, P. S.; Tyagi, S. K.; Chandrasekharan, H.
2010Gamma irradiation to improve plant vigour, grain development, and yield attributes of wheatSingh, Bhupinder; Datta, P. S.
2009Groundwater ethics for its sustainabilityDatta, P. S.
1999Groundwater NO3 and F contamintaion processes in Pushkar Valley, Rajasthan as reflected from 18O isotopic signature and 3H recharges studiesDatta, P. S.; Tyagi, S. K.; Mookerjee, P.; Bhattacharya, S. K.; Gupta, Navindu; Bhatnagar, P. D.
2008Hydrochemical appraisal of groundwater and its suitability in the intensive agricultural area of Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaTyagi, S. K.; Datta, P. S.; Pruthi, N. K.
2008Isotopic and Hydrochemical Signatures in Characterizing Pollutants Movement in Overexploited Groundwater Aquifers of Delhi StateTyari, S. K.; Datta, P. S.; Kulshreshtha, S.; Sharma, R. K.
2005A new scheme for large-scale natural water storage in the floodplains: the Delhi Yamuna floodplains as a case studySoni, Vikram; Gosain, A. K.; Datta, P. S.; Singh, Diwan
2009A process for organic waterSoni, Vikram; Ravi, Mehrotra; Datta, P. S.; Chandel, S.