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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989Design,Development and Evaluation of a Paddle Operated Groundnut Decorticator.Das, D. K.; Dash, Ajaya Kumar
1988Design,Development and Testing of an Optimal Bullock Drawn Mould Board Plough.Das, D. K.; Mohanty, Santosh Kumar
1989Development of Low Cost Vertical Axis Windmill For Lift Irrigation.Das, D. K.; Dash, Satya Pad
2016Effect of Poplar (Populus deltoides Bartr.) Clones on Fertility Improvement in Upland Calcareous Soil after Eleven-Year- RotationDas, D. K.; Kumar, Atul
1997Evaluation Of Soil Productivity Constrains Using Remote Sensing And Geographic Information System (Gis)Das, D. K.; Bera, A. K.
1992Growth Water Use, Phosphorus Uptake And Yield Of Wheat Under Varying Levels Of Phosphorus And Irrigation.Das, D. K.; Narayan, K. Lakshmi
2007Integrated Nutrient Management On The Maintenance Of Soil Fertility In A Rice-Vegetable Crop SequenceDas, D. K.; Sur, Pintu
1965Phosphate Reacation Products In Some Indian SoilsDatta, N. P.; Das, D. K.
1993Studies On Growth, Water Use And Spectral Response Of Wheat, Mustard And Chickpea Under Limited Water SupplyDas, D. K.; Suneja, P.
1996Studies On In Situ Dielectric Properties Of Representatives Soils Of India And Microwave Response Of Maize Crop.Das, D. K.; Hati, K. M.
2004Studies On The Fertility Evaluation In An Inceptisol Under Rice-Wheat Irrigated EcosystemDas, D. K.; Maiti, debtanu
1971A Study On Resources Allocation And Optium Cropping Pattern With Special Reference To Multiple Cropping Programme In Burdwan ( I.A.D.P ) District West Bengal.Jha, D.; Das, D. K.