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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Anther Culture and Regeneration Studies in RiceChowdhury, J. B; Hajela, Ritu
2001Anther Culture Studies in Indica Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)Chowdhury, J. B; Rohilla, Jai Singh
1996Anther Culture Studies in Indica Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)Chowdhury, J. B; Rohilla, Jai Singh
1989Genetic and cytogenetic Effects of Some Agricultural Chemicals in the Drosophila and Mouse Test-SystemsChowdhury, J. B; Dhingra, Gursatej
1983Genetic and Cytogenetic Investigations in Green Gram (Vigna radiata (L.)Wilczek) x Black Gram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) amphidiploidsChowdhury, J. B; Singh, R. K
1984Genotoxic effects of certain agricultural chemicals in laboratory mice and cultured buffalo LymphocytesChowdhury, J. B; Chaudhary, Indra
1982In Vitro Induction of Genetic Variability in Solanum SpeceisChowdhury, J. B; Jain, Rajinder Kuamr
1993In vitro regeneration and somaclonal variation in some species of BrassicaChowdhury, J. B; Kharb, Pushpa
1997In vitro selection and characterisation of cell lines resistant to wilt and blight in Cicer Arietinum L.Chowdhury, J. B; Parkash, Surya
1992Micropropagation of different provenance collections of Dalbergia sissoo RoxbChowdhury, J. B; Kaura, Sudhir Kumar
1998Studies on plant regeneration and transformation in chickpea (cicer arietinum L.) cultivarsChowdhury, J. B; Sindhu, Anil
1996Wide Hybridization Between Brassica Juncea and Allied Species / Genera Through Embryo Rescue and Protoplast FusionChowdhury, J. B; Kumar, Raj