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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Assessment Of Quality And Shelf Life Of Retort Pouch Processed Chettinad Goat Meat ProductDushyanthan, K; Abraham, Robinson J.J.; Balakrishnan, V; Nareshkumar, C; Rajkumar, V; TANUVAS
2006-06Azolla Pinnata as a Protein Supplement in Ruminant Ration : an In Vitro StudyAhirwar, Manoj Kumar; Leela, V; Balakrishnan, V
2006-06Current Concepts in Feed Additives for Producing Residue Free Animal ProduceBalakrishnan, V; TANUVAS
2010Customizing the Inclusion Level of Non Starch Polysaccharidases for Ragi / Sorghum / Ground Nut Oil Cake in the Layer (Gallus domesticus) RationViswanathan, K; Balakrishnan, V; Raja, A; Bhaurao, Ranvir Sathish; TANUVAS
2006-06Designing substrate Specific Customized NSP Degrading Enzyme Mixture for Rapeseed MealUmadevi, B; Valli, C; Balakrishnan, V
2006-06Development of Technology Mediated Course Materials in Distance Education at Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences UniversityBalakrishnan, V; Sheriff, F.R.
2006-06Diet Composition, Biomass Availability and Mineral Profile of Graze Species in Mecheri Sheep TractRajendran, D; Balakrishnan, V
2006-06Dietary Prebiotics in Augmenting the 'Gut Health' and Performance of Broiler ChicksKannan, M; Karunakaran, R; Balakrishnan, V
2012Effect of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles Supplementation on the mineral Profile in Broiler ChickenBalakrishnan, V; Karunakaran, R; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Vijayakumar, M.P.; TANUVAS
2014-12Effect of in Ovo Supplementation of Nano Forms of Zinc, Copper and Selenium on Performance of Broiler ChicksJoshua, P. Patric; Valli, C; Balakrishnan, V; TANUVAS
2002Effect of Non Starch Polysaccharide Enzymes to Maximize Nutrient Utilization in Broiler DietsReddy, P. Ranga; Balakrishnan, V; Rajini, R. Asha; Murugesh, S.S.; TANUVAS
2006-06The Effect of Probiotic on Serum Glucose Level in Broiler ChicksKarunakaran, R; Nachimuthu, K; Kadirvel, R; Balakrishnan, V
2006-06The Effect of Probiotic on the Intestinal Amylase Activity of Broiler Chickskarunakaran, R; Nachimuthu, K; Kadirvel, R; Balakrishnan, V
2009Effect of Supplementation of Herbs / Herbal Extracts on Methanogenesis in RuminantsValli, C; Balakrishnan, V; Sukumar, S; Bunglavan, Surej Joseph; TANUVAS
2006-06Evaluating Nutritive Value of Fodder to Determine Methane EmissionYashwant, Deshpande Kuldeep; Karunakaran, R; Balakrishnan, V
2001Evaluation and Enrichment of Nutritive Value of Sugarcane By-ProductsBalakrishnan, V; Kadirvel, R; Narahari, D; Rajasekaran, M; TANUVAS
2009Evaluation of Customised Non Starch Polysaccharidase Mixture for Ragi / Sorghum / Ground Nut Oil Cake in ChickenViswanathan, K; Balakrishnan, V; Thyagarajan, D; Selvakumar, K; TANUVAS
2006-06Evaluation of Neem Leaves as a Source of AnthelminticRadhakrishnan, L; Balakrishnan, V; Gomathinayagam, S
2011Evaluation of Probiotic Dahi and it's Keeping Quality in Different Packaging MaterialsKumar, C. Naresh; Balakrishnan, V; Subramonian, B. Suresh; Sharma, Brajmohan; TANUVAS
2009Evolving Area Specific Mineral Mixture for Dairy Cattle in Tamil NaduBalakrishnan, V; Viswanathan, K; Thirunavukkarasu, M; Sudhaharan, S; TANUVAS