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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983An Account of Theileriosis Among CalvesAnandan, R; Ganesamoorthy, M; John, Lalitha; Kandavel, E; Lalitha, C.M.; TANUVAS
1984Bovine Tropical Theileriosis in Tamil NaduAnandan, R; Lalitha, C.M.; TANUVAS
1994Immuno-Diagnosis of Hydatidosis in Some Food Animals and HumanbeingsBalasundaram, S; Anandan, R; Jayakumar, R; Sangaran, A; TANUVAS
1991Investigation into the Vector Potentiality of Some Ixodid Ticks in Theileria Infection in Cattle of Tamil NaduRajavelu, G; Anandan, R; Thanikachalam, M; Thiruthalinathan, R; TANUVAS
1982A note on the Efficacy of Levamisole Hydro-Chloride and Fenbendazole against Gastro-Intestinal Nematodes of SheepAnandan, R; Rajavelu, G; TANUVAS
1990Rumen ProtozoaAnandan, R
1994Serodiagnosis of Tropical Theileriosis by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Dot-EiaRajavelu, G; Anandan, R; Ramadass, P; Soundararajan, C; TANUVAS
1972Studies on Live and Inactivated Sheep Pox VaccinesAnandan, R; Sundararajan, S; Kannamani, G; Jayaraman, M.S.; TANUVAS
1973Studies on Sheep Pox Virus Propogated in Cell CulturesSundararajan, S.A.; Anandan, R; Kannamani, G; Jayaraman, M.S.; TANUVAS
1991Studies on Some Aspects of Transmission of Theileria Annulata Infection and SerodiagnosisBalasundaram, S; Anandan, R; Ramadass, P; Sundar, N; TANUVAS
1992Studies on the Epidemiology of the Gastro-Intestinal Helminths in Dairy Animals and Experimental Abomasal Nematode Infection in CalvesJoseph, S.A.; Anandan, R; Sundararaj, A; Raman, M; TANUVAS
1992Studies on the Incidence, Transmission and In-Vitro Cultivation of Ehrlichia BovisAnandan, R; Balasundaram, S; Ramadass, P; Sreekumar, C; TANUVAS
1992Studies on the Serodiagnosis of Tropical TheileriosisRajavelu, G; Anandan, R; Padmanabhan, V.D.; Nayagam, S. Gomathi; TANUVAS
1994Studies on Transmission and In Vitro Cultivation of Ehrlichia CanisBalasundaram, S; Anandan, R; Kumanan, K; Mohamed, A. Peer; TANUVAS