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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Some immunological and clinico pathological studies in apparently healthy and immunostimulated rabbits experimentally infected with Mycobacterium paratuberculosisSingh, R. P; Arora, Rajesh
1989Studies o Some Aspects of Experimental Sarcocystis Infection in GoatsSingh, R. P; Dey, Sahadeb
1985Studies on Certain Biochemical Changes, Diagnosis and Chemotherapy of Experimental Trypanosomiasis in Buffalo CalvesSingh, R. P; Raina, Ashok K
1981Studies On Immunization And Treatment Of Tropical Theileriosis Of CattleSingh, R. P; Manickam, R.
1990Studies on Prevalence and Clinicopathological Aspects of Sarcocystis Infection in SwineSingh, R. P; Khatkar, Suresh Kumar
1988Studies on Some Aspects of Non-Specific Immunopotentiation in Relation to Experimental Infection with Trypanosoma Evanst in Swiss Albino Mice and Evaluation of A Trypanocidal Drug in Experimental DonkeysSingh, R. P; Jain, Vinod Kumar
1984Studies on some Aspects of Sarcocystis Infection in SheepSingh, R. P; Husain, Mohammed Maqbool
1992Studies on some diagnostic, immunological and clinicopathological aspects of early stage of experimental paratuberculosis in buffalo calvesSingh, R. P; Gahlot, A.K.
1967Studies on the incidence course and some aspects of diagnosis and therapy of trypanosomiasis (Surra) in Demestic AnimalsSingh, R. P; Chand, Kishan
1981Studies on the Radiation Attenuated haemonchus Controlus Infective Larvae in GoatsSingh, R. P; Prasad, Ram Sharan
1995Therapeutic efficacy and alteration in disposition kinetic of diminazine in experimental trypanosomiasis in Buffalo calfSingh, R. P; Singh, Param Jeet