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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Management of nitrogen and phosphorus in wheat-chickpea intercropping under rainfed conditionsSingh, R. K.; Kumar, Ajay
1996Nitrogen Management In Wheat And + Lentil Intercropping System Under Dryland Conditions.Singh, R. K.; Goverdhan, M.
1970Optimal Resources Allocation Among Crop And Dairy Enterprises On Farms Of Etah District ( U.P. )Jha, D. N.; Singh, R. K.
1991Phosphorus Management In Pigeonpea Based Intercropping System Under Dryland Conditions.Singh, R. K.; Singh, Dharam
2008Pratham Lavan Sahensheel Basmati Dhan Prajati C.S.R. 30Singh, R. K.; Gautam, R. K.; Mishr, B.; Singh, Y. P.; Singh, Gurbachan; Tripathi, R. S.
2000Response Of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) To Nitrogen Levels, Weed Management And Moisture Conservation Practices Under Dryland ConditionsSingh, R. K.; Elamathi, S.
1998Studies On Phosphorus Fertilization And Weed Managment In Pigeonpea-Greengram Intercropping System Under Dryland ConditionsSingh, R. K.; Pradeep Kumar, P. V.
2018Studies on the Biology and Biocontrol Potential of Nematoctonus robustus.Singh, R. K.; Singh, Dalel
2019Study on Bio chemical changes and management strategies against Bacterial Leaf Blight Disease.Singh, R. K.; Jaiswal, Piyush
2019Study on the biology and infection mechanism of Harposporium anguillulae against nematodes.Singh, R. K.; Pal, Rajnish
2019Study the decolorization potential and Laccase activity of Pleurotus species.Singh, R. K.; Kumar, Suman