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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Agro-Climate and Extreme Weather Analysis for Successful Crop Production in Orissakar, Gouranga; James, B. K.; Singh, R; Mahapatra, I. C.
-Bhumitala jala amala prakalpa - upakula Odisha re kshyudra jala utsa gathana paain eka nutana digantaSahoo, N; Verma, H. N.; Jena, S. K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Panda, D. K.; Srivastava, R. C.; Singh, R; Tripathi, V. K.
2004Comprehensive Participatory Water Resources Development and Management in Coastal Agro-Eco System of Orissa Affected by Super CycloneSahoo, N; James, B. K.; Verma, H. N.; Ghosh, S; Jena, S. K.; Roy Chowdhury, S; Panda, D. K.; Singh, R; Srivastava, R. C.; Tripathi, V. K.
2004Crop Diversification and Profitable Management of Rainfed Lowland Rice Area of WatershedKar, Gouranga; Verma, H. N.; Singh, R; James, B. K.
2010Development of Alternative Canal Delivery Schedule for Better Water Use Efficiency and Crop PerformanceMishra, Atmaram; Verma, H. C.; Kannan, K; Singh, R; Kumar, Ashwani
1989Effect of levels of compaction and claying on soil physical properties and sulphur utilization and crop yield of taramira in loamy sand soil of jobner ( SKNAU)Singh, R
1998Indian Journal Of Microbiology Vol-38Singh, R
-Management of Coastal Saline Soils of OrissaSingh, R; Sahoo, N; Verma, H. N.; Ghosh, S; Panda, D. K.; Jena, S. K.; Srivastava, R. C.; Tripathi, V. K.
1996Nitrogen uptake and utilization efficiency by different varieties of coriander (SKNAU)Singh, R
-Water Management Practices for Different CropsSahoo, N; Verma, H. N.; Ghosh, S; Jena, S. K.; Panda, D. K.; Singh, R; Srivastava, R. C.