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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-09Certain Aspects of Coccidiosis In Rabbits (Oryctolagus Cuniculus F.Domestica)Dinanath Kulkarni, (MAJOR); Padmavathi, P; Janaki ram sarma, B; Yadagiri, A
1997-12Characterization Of Indigenous Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) Isolates With Reference To Antigenicity And Protection Studies In ChickenSatyanarayana Chetty, M(MAJOR); Dhanalakshmi, K; Padmavathi, P; Ramanna, B.C; Mohan Kumar, T
2001-01Clinico Biochemical And Therapeutic Studies On Subclinical Ketosis In Graded Murrah BuffaloSuryanarayana, C(MAJOR); Tirumala Rao, D.S; Padmavathi, P; Anjilappa
1997-10Clinico Haematological Studies On Parasitic Dermatitis In Canines And Its TheraphyRam Rao, (MAJOR); Suryanarayana, C; Padmavathi, P; Ayodhya, S
1994-08Clinico-Biochemical And Therapeutic Studies On Toxocariasis In DogsSuryanarayana, C(MAJOR); Ram rao; Padmavathi, P; Sanjeeva rao, Surepally
1996-08Clinico-Therapeutic Aspects of Experimentally Induced Diabetes Mellitus In DogsTirumala rao, D.S(MAJOR); Suryanarayana, C; Padmavathi, P; Sangeeta rao, R
1996-09Effect Of Stresroak And Zinc Sulphate As Immunomodulators In Experimentally Immunosupressed ChickensDhanalakshmi, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Somasekhar reddy, K; Padmavathi, P; Vijaya Bhasker reddy, B
1999-09Efficacy Of Salmonella Gallinarum Oil Adjuvant Vaccine Prepared With Indigenous IsolateDhanalakshmi, K(MAJOR); Seshagiri rao, A; Padmavathi, P; Sujatha, Koya
2000-01Epizootiological And Therapeutic Studies On Gastro Intestinal Nematodes And Ecto Parasites Of Sheep In And Around HyderabadSuryanarayana, C(MAJOR); Rao, D.S.T; Padmavathi, P; Prasad Babu, Haripriya
1992-02The Incidence And Histopathological Studies Of Salmonella Infection In PoultryMohiuddin, S.M(MAJOR); Ahmed, S.R; Padmavathi, P; Janaki rama sarma; Sudha rani, M
1994-09Studies On Alloxan Induced Diabetes Mellitus In DogsGaffar, A.A(MAJOR); Ram rao; Padmavathi, P; Padmaja, K
1999-11Studies On Ancylostomiasis In DogsSuryanarayan, C(MAJOR); Tirumala Rao, D.D; Padmavathi, P; Raghavender, K.B.P; Sushma, Rachel
1986-02Studies On Epidemiological Studies On Blue Tongue in Sheep In A.PJanaki Rama Sharma, B(MAJOR); Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Padmavathi, P; Abdul Lateef, Mohd.
1987-07Studies On Habronema Megastoma Infection In HorsesRadhakrishna reddy, K(MAJOR); Dinanath Kulkarni; Padmavathi, P; Narendra kumar jain, K
1992-09Studies on mange in Rabbit With Paricular Reference To Ear CankarA.A.Gaffar, A.A(Major); Ram rao; Padmavathi, P; Shobhamani, Bollam
1985-10Survey Of Common Gastrointestinal Nematode Infections In Sheep And Goats In Around Hyderabad And To Study The Efficacy Of The DrugsSangvikar, V.A(MAJOR); Raghavan, R.S; Padmavathi, P; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Amerender Reddy, K
1992-07Therapeutic Studies On Strongylosis In EquinesSuryanarayana, C(MAJOR); Ramrao; Padmavathi, P; Subbarayudu, Bhukya