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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-04An Analysis of Traditional Dairy Farming Folkways and Mores of Tamil Nadu State, IndiaDevaki, K; Mathialagan, P; Sabarathnam, VE; Kumaravel, P; Karthickeyan, SMK; TANUVAS
2006-06Audio and Video Modes of Education to Empower Livestock FarmersSheriff, F.R.; Sudeepkumar, N.K.; Kumaravel, P; Senthilkumar, T; Babu, A. Shyam; Valavan, S. Ezhil
2010Constraint Analysis of Pig Farmers of Aizawl District of MizoramKumaravel, P; Mathialagan, P; Sivakumar, T; Tochhawng, Lalhumliana; TANUVAS
2006-06Dissemination of Information on Pet and Livestock to Improve Health and ProductionSudeepkumar, N.K.; Kumaravel, P; Babu, A. Shyam; Sheriff, F.R.
2019An empirical study on the organisational role stress among scientists of Tamil Nadu veterinary and animal sciences universitySindhu, MG; Kumaravel, P; Senthil Kumar, K; Mathialagan, P; TANUVAS
2016AN ETHNOGRAPHY OF ANIMAL HUSBANDRY PRACTICES IN TAMILNADUDevaki; Mathialagan, P; TANUVAS; Sabarathnam, Ve; Kumaravel, P; Karthickeyan, SMK
2006-06Knowledge Empowerement Through Distance Education ModeSheriff, F.R.; Kumaravel, P; Babu, A. Shyam; Ahmed, Maqbool; Valavan, S. Ezhil; Senthilkumar, T; Nedunchelliyan, S
1994Relative Effectiveness of Three Modes of Farm Broadcast in the Transfer of Animal Husbandry TechnologySubramanian, R; Natanam, R; Pillai, M. Mahadevan; Kumaravel, P; TANUVAS
2018-06Validation of Ethno Veterinary Medicines Used for Anoestrum Treatment in CattleDevaki, K; Mathialagan, P; Sabarathnam, VE; Kumaravel, P; Karthickeyan, SMK; TANUVAS