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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Physico Chemical Properties of Poultry Farm Wastes and Low Cost Carbonaceous Material for Aerobic CompostingSivakumar, K.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana
2017Principle component analysis of genetic structure in Kilakarsal and Vembur sheep breeds by using single nucleotide polymorphic (SNP) markers within TLR genesSelvam, R.; Murali, N.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Ponnudurai, G.; TANUVAS; Thiruvenkadan, AK
2013-06Production and Reproduction Performance of Crossbred Cattle Under Village Conditions of Tamil NaduSingh, D. Anandha Prakash; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana
2012-04Production and Reproduction Performances of Exotic Breeds of Rabbit under Tropical Climatic conditions of Tamil NaduSivakumar, K.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Thiruvenkadan, A.K.; Saravanan, R.; Jeyakumar, M.; TANUVAS
1997Quality of Drinking Water Supplied from Open and Bore Wells to Layer Farms in Namakkal TalukKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Krishnan, K.R.; Kandasamy, N; Thirunavukkarasu, M; TANUVAS
2006Reducing Crude Protein by Supplementing L - Lysine and DL - Methionine in Japanese Quail RationsAmutha, R.; Viswanathan, K.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Chacko, Binoj; TANUVAS
1997The Relationship of Intake of Sodium Chloride, Calcium and Phosphorus with the Egg Shell Breakage in Layers Under Field ConditionsKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Krishnan, K.R.; Thangamani, R; Murugan, M; TANUVAS
2013-06Scope for Improvement of Dairy Cattle Rearing in MalawiKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; TANUVAS
2014Scope of Producing Bio-diesel from Poultry FatsAbraham, John; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; TANUVAS
2008Seasonal Variations in Composting process of dead Poultry BirdsSivakumar, K.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Jagatheesan, P.N. Richard; Viswanathan, K.; Chandrasekaran, D.; TANUVAS
2015-06Seasonal Variations in the Fat Content of Cow Milk Under Village Conditions of Tamil NaduSingh, D. Anandha Prakash; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Thiruvenkadan, A.K.; Devendran, P.; Muralidharan, J.; TANUVAS
2011A Simple Measure to Prevent "Metritis - Mastitis _ Agalactia Syndrome" in Post Partum SowsRamesh, V.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Sivakumar, K.; Singh, D. Anandha prakash; Muralidharan, J.; TANUVAS
2014-01Socio-Economic Status of Goat Farmers in Southern Agro-climatic Region of Tamil NaduVasanthakumar, S.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Muralidharan, J.; Murali, N.; Vasanthakumar, P.; Ramesh, V.; Murugan, M.; Gopu, P.; Edwin, S.C.; TANUVAS
2013-06Status of Dairy Husbandry and Breeding in Malawi : A Comparison with Tamil NaduGondwe, Timothy; Chigwa, Fanny; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Asokan, S.A.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Babu, M.; Thiagarajan, Deepa; Kaneene, John; Kumar, P.S. Mohan
2013-06Strategies for Improving Small-Holder Dairying in Malawi: Trilateral ApproachChigwa, Fanny; Gondwe, Timothy; Mvula, Ronnie; Joseph, Dzanja; Mwangwela, Agnes; Mlotha, Vincent; Kambewa, Daimon; Bakili, Oliver; Asokan, S.A.; Palanidorai, R.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Sivaselvam, S.N.; Balakrishnan, V.; Babu, M.; Prathaban, S.; Thirunavukkarasu, M.; Gunaseelan, L.; Thiagarajan, Deepa; Kaneene, John; Kumar, P.S. Mohan
2016-10Studies on Carcass Traits of Salem Black Goats Under Intensive and Semi-Intensive Systems of RearingChinnamani, K.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Sureshkumar, S.; Muralidharan, J.; Thiruvenkadan, A.K.; Vasanthakumar, P.; TANUVAS
2017-06Study on Disposal of Broiler Slaughter Waste Implying Eco-Friendly Waste ManagementKannadhasan, M.S.; Lawrence, C.; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; TANUVAS
1998A Study on Management and Production Performance of Broilers in Palladam AreaViswanathan, K; Mohan, B; Kumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Hegde, Ganesh; TANUVAS
2009A study on the birth of heterosexual river buffalo quadruplets - A Case reportKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Murali, N.; Selvam, S.; Jagatheesan, P. Richard; Muralidharan, J.; Panneerselvam, S.; TANUVAS
1998A Survey on Managemental Practices and Production Performance of Commercial Layers in NamakkalKumar, V. Ramesh Saravana; Karunanithi, K; Ravi, R; Pourouchottamane, R; TANUVAS