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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992A Study on the Prevalence of Aeromonads, Campylobacters and Salmonellae in Eggs and MeatKumar, Ashwani; Khurana, Rajesh
2010Annual Report 2009-2010Kumar, Ashwani; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Parswal, B. S.
2011Annual Report 2010-2011Kumar, Ashwani; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, Souvik; Parswal, B. S.
2012Annual Report 2011-2012Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Ghosh, S; Srivastava, S. K.; Parswal, B. S.
2013Annual Report 2012-2013Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Ghosh, Souvik; Nayak, A. K.; Verma, O. P.
2014Annual Report 2013-2014Kumar, Ashwani; Roy Chowdhury, S; Kar, Gouranga; Thakur, A. K.; Brahmanand, P. S.; Nayak, Ashok K.; Verma, O. P.
2011Application of Bio-Drainage for Reclamation of Waterlogged Situations in Deltaic OrissaRoy Chowdhury, S; Kumar, Ashwani; Brahmanand, P. S.; Ghosh, S; Mohanty, R. K.; Jena, S. K.; Sahoo, N; Panda, G. C.
2014Application of magnet for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foreign body syndrome in cattle and buffaloKumar, Ashwani; Hussain, Tufail
1990Bacteriological examination of bovine raw milk with special reference to isolation of some pathogens of public health significanceKumar, Ashwani; Kumar, Sudarshan
2006Blending of Advance and Traditional Technologies for Watershed ManagementKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Singh, Ravender
2009Characterisation of Dominant Soil Subgroups of Eastern India for Formulating Water Management StrategiesSingh, Ravender; Kundu, D. K.; Kumar, Ashwani
2015Clinical studies on closed stabilization of long bone fractures using end threaded intramedullary pinning in dogsKumar, Ashwani; Anupreet Kaur
2016Clinical study on the localization and surgical management of gastro-intestinal obstruction in bovineKumar, Ashwani; Singh, Balreet
1988Combining ability studies for some morphological, physiological and biological characters of Pearl MilletDahiya, B. N; Kumar, Ashwani
2006Contingency Crop Planning and Effective Watershed Management to Mitigate Drought in Eastern IndiaKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani
2010Deep Water Rice and Pond Based Farming System for Enhancing Water Productivity of Seasonal Flood Prone AreasKar, Gouranga; Kumar, Ashwani; Sahoo, N; Das, M; Roychowdhury, S
1997Development and standardization of serological tests for identification and differentiation of cooked meats of cattle, buffalo, pig and chickenKumar, Ashwani; Jha, Vijay Kuamr
2010Development of Alternative Canal Delivery Schedule for Better Water Use Efficiency and Crop PerformanceMishra, Atmaram; Verma, H. C.; Kannan, K; Singh, R; Kumar, Ashwani
2015Diagnosis and Medical Management Of Common Ear Affections in DogsKumar, Ashwani; Kamaljyoti
1994Effect of post harvest treatments on ripening behaviour of mango (Mangifera indica) cv. DashehariDhawan, S. S; Kumar, Ashwani