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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1983-11Processing of Complete pelleted Feeds Utilizing Forest Grass And Agro-Industrial By -Products For SheepRaj Reddy, M(MAJOR); Veera Raghavan, G; Nageswara Rao, G; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Joji Reddy, K
1984-08Serological Studies And Isolation Of Leptospira In Porcine Population In AndhraPradeshSeshagiri Rao, A(MAJOR); Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Vikram Reddy, M; Vishnuvardhan Reddy, G
1986-08Serology Of Marker's Disease And Detection Of Viral Antigens In Chicken During Experimental InfectionJanaki Rama Sharma, B(MAJOR); Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Rao, P.V.; Krishna Ashrit; Jyothi, S
1986-02Studies On Epidemiological Studies On Blue Tongue in Sheep In A.PJanaki Rama Sharma, B(MAJOR); Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Padmavathi, P; Abdul Lateef, Mohd.
1987-11Studies On Haematological,Biochemical And histopathological Changes In Malathion Poisoning In PoultryVikram reddy, M(MAJOR); Mohiuddin, S.M; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Padmavati, P; Rajender Kumar, H.S
1986-11Studies On Preparation Of Chhana From Treated Buffalo Milk And Its Suitability For RasagollaRama Rao, M(MAJOR); Mallaya Sastri, P; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Suguna Rao, M
1984-06Studies On The Preparation And Physico-Chemical Properties of Different levels Of Groundnut Protein IsolateRamarao, M(MAJOR); Pasha ali, M; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Gabriel, K
1986-07Studies On The Utility Value Of Pulp Solids Of Boiled Potato For Partial Replacement Of Milk Solids-Not-Fat In Soft Serve Ice-CreamRama Rao, M(MAJOR); Mallaya Sastri, P; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Chittaranjan Das, T
1985-10Survey Of Common Gastrointestinal Nematode Infections In Sheep And Goats In Around Hyderabad And To Study The Efficacy Of The DrugsSangvikar, V.A(MAJOR); Raghavan, R.S; Padmavathi, P; Dhananjaya Reddy, B; Amerender Reddy, K