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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) on Biophysical and Biochemical Parameters in Amelioration of Adjuvant Induced Arthritis in RatsRaju, K.V.S. Narayana; Cyrus, Inbaraj; Chandramohan, Andrew; Selvam, R.; TANUVAS
1996-06Immunodominant Polypeptides of Egg Drop Syndrome '76 VirusShaw, A.M.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Albert, A.; TANUVAS
2003In vitro Studies on the Supplementation of Protected Oil in Ruminant DietBalakrishnan, V.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Valli, C.; Sugumar, C.; TANUVAS
1994-12A mixed infection of Newcastle Disease and Adenoviruses in Japanese QuailsShaw, A.M.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Vijayarani, K.; Sekar, M.; Kumanan, K.; TANUVAS
1998Molecular Characterization of Egg Drop Syndrome 1976 - VirusChandramohan, Andrew; Nedunchelliyan, S; Nachimuthu, K; Gaji, Rajshekhar, Y; TANUVAS
1998Molecular Characterization of Marek's Disease VirusChandramohan, Andrew; Nainar, A. Mahalinga; Saravanabava, K; Suneetha, R; TANUVAS
1997Molecular Characterization of Rabies VirusJayakumar, R; Nedunchelliyan, S; Chandramohan, Andrew; Ganesh, V; TANUVAS
2003Molecular Typing of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolates by Fusion Protein Cleavage Site Sequence AnalysisVijayarani, K.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Senthuran, S.; TANUVAS
1998Organization of Mass Vaccination Campaigns for Rabies Control in IndiaJayakumar, R.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Thirumurugan, G.; Gowri, M. Mangala; Velmurugan, R.; Nachimuthu, K.; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
1997-07Predominance of Newcastle Disease Virus in the Intestinal Contents of ChicksRoy, Parimal; Venugopalan, A.T.; Chandramohan, Andrew; TANUVAS
2003Single-Serum-Dilution Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay in Flock Profiling for Infectious Bursal DiseaseChandramohan, Andrew; Koteeswaran, A.; Manohar, B. Murali; Hariharan, P.; TANUVAS
2003Studies on Effect of Supplemental Zinc on Urea ToxicityBalakrishnan, V.; Murugan, M.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Kathirvelan, C.; TANUVAS
1994Studies on Egg Drop SyndrromeVenkatesan, R.A.; Chandramohan, Andrew; TANUVAS
1994A Sulphate Reducing Bacterium From Sheep RumenVijayarani, K.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Rao, R. Govinda; Padmanaban, V.D.; TANUVAS
2006-10Ultrastructural Changes in Liver of Japanese Quail Fed Aflatoxin and T-2 ToxinMadheswaran, R.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Vairamuthu, S.; Chandramohan, Andrew; TANUVAS
2002Vero Cell Rabies Vaccine for Animals in Microcarrier CultureJayakumar, R.; Venkatesh, G.; Suresh, H. Albert; Sheela, K.P.; Kumanan, K.; Chandramohan, Andrew; Nainar, A. Mahalingam; TANUVAS