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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007ICAR Summer School on "Current Trends in Diagnostic Pathology with Special Reference to Diagnosis of Animal Neoplasms"Balachandran, C.; TANUVAS
-Identification of metastatic potential of mammary tumour in dogsAnandkumar, Champion Devadoss Theophilus; Radhakrishnan, Ramesh; Balachandran, C.; Shafiuzama, C. Mohamed; TANUVAS
2017-09Immune Response to NDV Vaccination and Antioxidant Profile of Broilers Under Cover of Toxin Binders in Sublethal AflatoxicosisGeorge, Ajith Jacob; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Kirubaharan, J. John; Raj, Dhinakar; TANUVAS
2016-04Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Von Willebrand Factor (vWf) in Canine Cutaneous TumoursKumar, V.; Hemalatha, S.; Balachandran, C.; TANUVAS
2014Immunohistochemical expression of CD 44, CD24 and ESA in canine mammary tumoursAnjankumar, K.R.; Rao, G.V. Sudhakar; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Rao, C.G. Dhanan Jaya; Uzama, S.; Shammi, M.; TANUVAS
2018-04Immunohistochemical Localisation of Cytokeratin and Vimentin Expression in the Experimentally Induced Rat Mammary TumourPratheepa, K.; Balachandran, C.; TANUVAS
2005Immunopathological effect of the mycotoxins cyclopiazonic acid and T-2 toxin on broiler chickenKamalavenkatesh, P.; Vairamuthu, S.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Raj, G. Dhinakar; TANUVAS
2005Immunopathological Effect of the Mycotoxins Cyclopiazonic Acid and T-2 Toxin on Broiler ChikenKamalavenkatesh, P.; Vairamuthu, S.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; Raj, G. Dhinakar; TANUVAS
2006-06Immunopathological Effects and Induction of Apoptosis in Spleen and Thymus of Layer Chicken in AflatoxicosisGounalan, S.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali
2005Immunopathology of Chlorpyriphos and T-2 Toxin in Broiler ChickenKrishnamoorthy, P.; Vairamuthu, S.; Balachandran, C.; Raj, G. Dhinakar; Manohar, B. Murali; TANUVAS
2015-09Impact of the Fatty Infiltration of Liver on Fertility in CattleGowri, B.; Prathaban, S.; Kathiresan, D.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Balachandran, C.; TANUVAS
2014-05Impaction of the Gizzard in a Captive Western Crowned Pigeon (Goura Crista)Hemalatha, S.; Muthukrishnan, S.; Das, Debi Prasanna; Sridhar, R.; Balachandran, C.; TANUVAS
2013-01Incedence of Marek's Disease in Coturnix Coturnix Japonica in an Organized FarmNagarajan, K.; Thyagarajan, D.; Balachandran, C.; Pazhanivel, N.; Arunkumar, S.; TANUVAS
1990-10Incidence and Clinnicopathological Studies on Rhinosporidiosis in Tamil NaduBalachandran, C.; Muthiah, V.; Moses, J.S.; TANUVAS
2016-12Incidence and Cyto-Histopathological Correlation in JaagsiekteNilakanth, Mugale Madhav; Balachandran, C.; Sridhar, R.; Selvasubramanian, S.; Raj, G. Dhinakard; TANUVAS
2013-01Incidence and Haemato - Biochemical Changes in Canine LymphomaThangapandiyan, M.; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; TANUVAS
2004Incidence of Babesia Gibsoni Infection in Dogs in Tamil NaduSundar, N.; Balachandran, C.; Senthilvelan, A.; TANUVAS
2019-04Incidence of Canine Mammary Tumours in ChennaiRamesh, R.; Kumar, C.Theophilus Anand; Balachandran, C.; Thangapandiyan, M.; Shafiuzama, M.; TANUVAS
2006-10Incidence of Canine Mammary Tumours in Chennai, Tamil NaduPriya, S.; George, V. Titus; Balachandran, C.; Manohar, B. Murali; TANUVAS